Bollywood Stars on Twitter

Here are the links to Bollywood Stars on Twitter. Get the latest updates of your favorite bollywood star..right from them.

Most of the Bollywood Stars are on Twitter.. and new ones keep joining.. Thanks for leadership of Karan Johar and SRK and Priyanka Chopra.

SRK used Twitter to promote his recent movies and also send his thank you notes to his fans. Below are links for all Bollywood Stars available on Twitter and with just one click you would know what they are upto and get the latest twitter updates of your favorite bollywood star...

SRK and Karan are stars at Tweeting. Genelia and Priyanka Chopa tweet very often. Abhishek Catching up. Preity Zinta got lots of fans on Twitter too. Ritesh and Hritik are quite active on twitter. What's more Mallika Sherawat is on Twitter too !!

SRK said on recent Tweet : "happy for karan KHAN has done stupendously well. the fact so many want to chip in with opinion of good/bad is always a sign its impactful."

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